Zinger: Emotional ABCs

Zinger: Emotional ABCs

‘Twas a zinger
a humdinger for certain
don’t point that finger

He’ll come, the bringer
Ginger is a dead ringer
a real gunslinger

What’s that you say? It’s a total cringer?
Written by some guy named Flinger, that’s right.
It stars a klipspringer and a binger.
You know the harbinger type, wearing tight
jeans, a swinger if you know what I mean.
No, not a mudslinger, you watch too much
Jerry Springer, get your mind off those jeans.
Too tight, won’t fit a derringer or such.
Hmm, he might malinger; he’s not too bright.
Lazy enough to linger around town?
Possible, it’s a hand wringer this sight.
We need a mastersinger, put this town
on the map, not a minger a pretty–
My porringer? No you can’t borrow it.
My kids eat their ladyfingers on it.

Ring on forefinger
that diamond’s a real zinger
found it by pinger

after the left winger
threw the stinger in the sea
by wharfinger’s house.


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