Grace From Without and Within

We’ve talked about embracing imperfection in Permission to be. Bikurgurl picked up that theme and took it to the next level and urged us to be authentic in Space and Grace. Not satisfied to stop the conversation there, your fellow bloggers have taken the conversation to the next level. Or rather, to the level where it all started. Yes your dear blogger friends have gone back to the roots of grace.

Before you can give yourself grace, you first must have grace.  So today we’re talking with Amanda from Mandibelle16Bikurgurl and a special guest about grace from without and from within. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’re heading back to the basics.

So strap into your time machine or step into your nearest house of worship as these talented ladies discuss acquiring that all important grace from a powerful external source. And how you must harness it, so you can give yourself space within that grace to be who you were always meant to be. Not perfect mind you, but at peace with your imperfections because the sum of them is what you are and that sum is unique and beautiful as a snowflake.

Join me for a multifaceted and multi-part look at grace and what it means to these ladies of the blogosphere. I’ll play your friendly neighborhood interviewer for this special look at grace and we’ll keep it moving Q&A style, keeping each piece short, digestible and sweet.

MK: Hi Amanda, what comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘give yourself grace and space’?

Amanda: ‘For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, not by works so that no man can boast, it is the gift of God through eternal life Ephesians 2:8-9.’ I think that’s right.*

MK: Thank you Amanda. You bring up an important point. Grace descends from the God (aka the creator) to us mere mortals because he sees value in us despite our shortcomings. To His eyes, our imperfections are beautiful. He embraces them and gives us His grace to accept them and to make the most of them.

Bikurgurl: ‘In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth,” Genesis 1:1, but on the 7th Day, HE rested. God was teaching us to have Grace and Space from the beginning. No one will just give this [grace] to you; you must take it -NO! SEIZE IT! Demand your right to be your authentic self, following your morals and values – not someone else’s.*

MK: Thank you Bikurgurl for making that important distinction. I think Dajena of Moonskittles agrees. Dajena?

Dajena: That’s my quote:) Grace birthed space.**

MK: Thank you Dajena for popping by and adding to our conversation about grace. Now then before we run on for too long, let’s get to the meat of the matter. We established that grace comes from a higher power. As Dajena put it, ‘grace birthed space’ and Bikurgurl pointed out that we need to seize that grace and act on it. So let’s discuss that for a moment. Ladies, how do we harness that grace and use it to give ourselves space?

Bikurgurl: Choose to be with people who value YOU for who YOU are, warts and all. It makes all the difference to put out the grace and give yourself the space you need to be who you are — it will come back to you ten-fold!*

 Amanda: Also, being okay with making mistakes and allowing yourself not to be perfect.*

MK: To sum up, acceptance is key and that is going to be a major part of tomorrow’s discussion when we sit down with two very talented poets: Rosema from A Reading Writer and Carol from WritersDream9. Tomorrow we’ll don a poet’s eyes and examine the more personal side of grace. We may even have a special guest or two drop in to that conversation.

Amanda, Dajena and Bikurgurl, thank you ladies for your valuable contributions and for spending a little time talking with me about grace. Thank you for continuing the conversation.

Thank you dear readers for making this series possible. Your contributions, comments, questions and quotes are the driving force behind this series. Without you, I wouldn’t be writing this series. So thank you for your eyes and your minds. I hope we’ve made your corner of the world a little brighter.

Please drop in tomorrow and let Carol show you how to embrace your inner truth. On Monday, Rosema will teach you to harness your grace through vulnerability and acceptance.

*Quoted from the post: Three Line Tales: Grace and Space
**Quotes drawn comments.


What say you about grace?

Let’s continue the conversation in the comments. I’m still seeking your perspectives on this. You may have a view that’s not shared by others and by sharing it, we all learn something.

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  1. Lovely piece put together from all of our comments. Wishing I had quoted that verse exactly, but the grace to make mistakes right?


  2. Ladies, this is wonderful. The Source of all grace is God. He created us noble and that is how He views us. Nobility is close to grace for me because it means acceptance of His work. God don’t make no junk! 🙂 Love this, dear Melinda! (My auto-correct is going mad over the previous sentence! ;))

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