Grace Gets Personal: Embrace Your Truth

Grace Gets Personal: Embrace Your Truth


We’ve talked about embracing imperfection in Permission to be. Bikurgurl picked up that theme and took it to the next level and urged us to be authentic in Space and Grace.

Before you can give yourself grace, you first must have grace.  Yesterday we talked with Amanda from Mandibelle16Bikurgurl and a special guests, Dajena, about grace from without. Today we’re harnessing that external grace and turning it inwards. Today, as we’re working on accepting who we are at our deepest level. We are here to accept our inner truth. Authenticity is the goal.

So break out your toolbox. You’re going to need it because today, grace gets personal. Who better than a talented poet, Carol from WritersDream9, to lead us on a journey into the self. So whip out your screwdriver, screw your courage to the sticking point and let Carol show you how to harness your grace through embracing your inner truth.

Carol writes:

“My voice may falter
My tears may fall
But I will speak my truth
Through it all”

Grace is truth. The truth is that we’re all imperfect people living in a world that prizes perfection. But perfection is false. It’s artificial. What’s perfect right this minute won’t be the perfect ideal tomorrow or the next day or next year even because perfection is impossible. We must do as Carol urges and speak our truth which is full of flaws through it all.

Carol goes on to write:

“I grant my voice
The space it needs
To share what truly is my heart
Through it all”

Here she’s making an important point. We need to give ourselves permission to be true to ourselves. Because no one else will. We have to do that for ourselves. We have to decide to share our truth instead of keeping it hidden and that is where the real magic happens. But I’ll let Carol explain:

“With grace I shall sing
With fear I shall proceed
Valuing the gifts God gave me
Through it all”

Grace gives her voice song and despite her fears of rejection, she won’t hide that song. She’ll sing out and value the gifts God gave her. Remember that external grace we discussed yesterday? That’s the gift that Carol is speaking about. Through that grace came all of the talents that she and we possess. It’s all we need to thrive but we need to internalize it. If we don’t it’s like gas spilling out of the hose onto the ground instead of into our cars. We have no get up and go.

Carol ends her beautiful meditation on grace and space by turning to examples in nature for inspiration:

“All this I will try
To do with grace
Like the howling wolf serenading
The bright, full moon
Through it all”

The wolf doesn’t become self-conscious of his song. He accepts his howl even if it’s not as loud or as melodious as the rest of his pack. He doesn’t care. He just lifts his head and serenades that moon. We should follow his example and be fearless in our authenticity. Let us be ourselves without worrying about what others might think or say. Let us be like that wolf who carves out space enough to be himself.

Thank you Carol for penning this reflection on grace and space. Thank you both for being part of this series.

Don’t go far fair readers! Tomorrow we’re continuing our look at the nuts and bolts of grace by examining vulnerability and acceptance with Rosema from A Reading Writer at the helm. She’s pulled out all the stops on this one. So keep your toolbox handy because Rosema has some tools you’re going to want to add to yours.

What does grace mean to you?

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