For the Fathers

Portrait of Sarn and his infant son from Curse Breaker: Enchanted. Unframed oil painting on canvas created by his son and used with the artist’s blessing.


Curse Breaker: Enchanted

by Melinda Kucsera
Book 1 of the Curse Breaker Saga
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SARN indentured himself four years ago to pay for his brother’s education. It was a desperate bid to help his brother escape the cycle of poverty. A cycle Sarn had no hope of ever escaping on his own. Not while his body was full of an illegal magic that just so happened to fuel the perpetual green glow of his eyes.

The terms of his indenture landed him a stint with the Rangers who patrol the enchanted forest and deal with its magical weirdness. A weirdness that might cost his sanity as events shake the foundations of what he has always believed about the forest.

THE BARGAIN…since the age of sixteen Sarn has worked with the Rangers doing whatever they tell him to do. Usually that means doing a whole lot of staring at enchanted trees that tower over him. Brigands cause more trouble than those trees until a party of travelers is attacked in the forest’s midst. Everything changes when that first drop of blood is spilled, waking the forest’s ire.

THE RANGERS… Mount Eredren’s Rangers don’t know what to do with a twenty year old kid brimming with magic and attitude. Their orders are simple. Keep Sarn alive and out of trouble and sight until the Lord of the Mountain figures out what to do with him. Too bad one of their own has plans for Sarn, plans that conflict with the interests of their overlord and their commander.

THE ENCHANTED FOREST…The Queen of All Trees also has plans for Sarn. Plans that don’t include the Rangers. She’s given them four years to fix what’s broken before his powers surge on his twenty-first birthday and kill him. He almost died at fourteen, the last time his magic increased. Six and a half years have passed and his magic is still fractured.

THE LOWER QUARTERS…As conflicting plans collide under enchanted boughs, Sarn seeks sanctuary in his subterranean home only to become entangled in another problem. The mother of his four year old son disappeared earlier that year and word of that has spread to parties more concerned about revenge than in his innocence.

THE MYSTERY… While dodging enchanted trees and Rangers who have plans for him and men bent on interrogating him about Beku’s whereabouts, Sarn’s got a mystery on his hands. The ghost of a child killed in the forest is haunting him–a child just like his own son. Who killed this boy and the party he traveled with and why? Sarn has to figure that out and send the boy on to his eternal rest or go mad.

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