That Thing Called Grace

That Thing Called Grace

Here are more perspectives from your blogging peers about what grace means to them and how it’s expressed in their lives. First up, Lavanya reacts to What Does Grace Mean to You? in which our blogging peers discussed grace as peace.

“I say, grace is not just a matter of meditation and insight. It has to have the elements of fun and joy in it. Like, a graceful effort in play or dance or a sport. Grace for me, will definitely be like how gracefully one accepts others flaws, others’ brighter and dull sides. And then, it’s meant to be fun!”

— Lavanya from Lavanya’s Blog

Thank you Lavanya. You bring up a good point. Grace doesn’t have to be serious all the time. It should be a pleasant feeling that we want to extend to others. Picking up on that theme, Rosema from A Reading Writer, wrote:

 “As for me, grace is the gem that no one can give you but yourself.”

Rosema went on to write a poem where she elucidates how we can give that ‘gem’ called grace to ourselves:

“Smile after you’ve bled,

Help someone in need.

Face your past mistakes,

uphold promises made.

These are graceful graces
not just for queens,

but for anyone who chooses

life in bliss, away from dim. “

Rosema from A Reading Writer

Thank you Rosema for taking us through the process of living a life of grace. Building on Rosema’s thoughtful roadmap, Carol from WritersDream9 adds:

“Yes! Extending the grace we find for ourselves to all! I think it has to start with self though.” 

She goes on to illustrate how to extend that grace we find in ourselves to others:

“There is a fountain in my heart

With enough grace for all

Flows from a mysterious source

I hear its waters fall

Granting me the space to heal

As I respond to its sweet call”

— Carol from WritersDream9

Thank you Carol for showing us how to externalize that grace. Indeed, we should all respond to grace’s ‘sweet call’ or as Annie from @Anniescribes  puts it:

“When you’ve been wronged yet still find place in your heart to let them shine, that’s grace.”  — @Anniescribes 

Thank you Annie and thank you to everyone who contributed to this series. Your words and perspectives have helped open my eyes to the many facets of grace and the many ways to see, experience, internalize and externalize it.

So ladies and gentlemen, as you go out into the world and about your daily lives, take the gem that is grace with you and let it shine.

Sorry this post took so long to pull together. I’ve been having trouble with WordPress locking up and refusing to load. In other news, Curse Breaker: Enchanted is going well. It’s 127K words at the moment but I am still editing. I discovered last week that I had forgotten to write a couple chapters. So I have been filling those in.

I’m also working on the back cover blurb and the Amazon store blurb. So you may see those posted around as I try to work out the best version. Any thoughts you guys have on that is greatly appreciated.


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  1. This series is cascading beautifully all because of your wise mind and creative words. ❤
    Thank you for the privilege of being in part of this series. 🙂

    Good luck on your upcoming book my dearest Mel!!! ❤

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  2. I said this before, and I’ll say it again: I love your analysis and how you weave the pieces together. Thank you for including my words in this.
    Good luck on your book – you know where to find me if you need any help. ☺️


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