What Does Grace Mean to You?

What Does Grace Mean to You?

We’ve talked about embracing imperfection in Permission to be. Bikurgurl picked up that theme and took it to the next level and urged us to be authentic in Space and Grace.

Before you can give yourself grace, you first must have grace.  On Saturday we talked with Amanda from Mandibelle16Bikurgurl and Dajena, about grace from without. On Sunday, Carol from WritersDream9 showed you how to harness that external grace and turn it inwards. Rosema from A Reading Writer showed us how to strip away the layers to find our vulnerable core–the seat of our grace. Yesterday, Kewan and Bikurgurl illustrated the dangers of labels and how we need to choose the ones we accept. Annie from What the Woman Wrote, Carol and Rosema also dropped in with their view of labels.

Now it’s time to hear from some new voices who see grace in a whole new light. Welcome Lucile de Godoy and The Lonely Author to our on going conversation and series. They’ve dropped by to talk about peace which is one of the fruits of grace.

For Lucile, the question of what grace meant to her took her to place we haven’t yet visited. I’ll let her explain.

“The question brought me to last Hatha yoga class when the instructor talked about feeling light, in peace, having patience with ourselves throughout our daily journeys. My conclusion was that in order to do that we need to leave the ego and speak from the heart, relieving ourselves from fulfilling external expectations.”


LDG LuciledeGodoy

Lucile’s take on grace resonates with The Lonely Author who commented on grace saying:

“My thoughts are along the lines of finding peace and beauty within oneself. Accepting our imperfections. Loving who we are and accepting others for who they are.


The Lonely Author

Talk of grace has been buzzing around not only the blogosphere but on Twitter as well where @anniescribes a poetic definition for grace, which dovetails with Lucile and The Lonely Author’s views. Annie takes it one step further and explains how grace  through peace leads to giving oneself space to be and room for growth.

What does Grace mean to you and how do you embrace it in your life?

28 thoughts on “What Does Grace Mean to You?

    1. Thank you! I am working to engage more bloggers in the conversation so we can widen our learning πŸ™‚ I agree with you. Grace is something we should all strive to employ in our daily lives.


    1. Thank you for participating! You brought a fresh perspective to the mix and I am grateful. Feel free to drop any other thoughts you have on this subject or any of the others we’ve been discussing. It is always a pleasure to include your thoughts.

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  1. I’m loving your pulling many bloggers, writers, and opinions into the discussion! It’s great to see what you’ve done with this topic. As the tragic events of the weekend unfold, we need to allow ourselves #GraceAndSpace to then be able to allow others that same respect and forgiveness. Allowing people to feel as if they’ve been heard, that their voice matters, and continuing to accept others who are different than we are is the only way to move forward in a world with more peace, love, and understanding — no matter who we are. #lovely

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  2. I am loving how this inspiring series is cascading. It is inspiring and empowering. ❀

    I love the quotes as they are all wise and well-written. ❀ They truly capture the beauty and essence of grace.

    As for me, grace is the gem that no one can give you but yourself. ❀

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  3. Ahoy Melinda!
    I say, grace is not just a matter of meditation and insight. It has to have the elements of fun and joy in it. Like, a graceful effort in play or dance or a sport. Grace for me, will definitely be like how gracefully one accepts others flaws, others’ brighter and dull sides. And then, it’s meant to be fun! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I like the way you define grace and that you introduce new dimensions and avenues for acquiring it. Thank you so much for your reply! May I quote you in an upcoming piece? If there’s more you’d like to say on this do let me know and I will include it in a future post πŸ™‚

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