The chiaroscuro of her soul pushed and pulled at her. Both forces vied to lead her steps. Dark impulses pushed her to run north of sorrow into darkness’ hands but she stopped short of that cliff. Shadows smote her soul. They draped the design in progress ringing it with inked in thorns.

Turning from that stygian well, she clawed her way out of night’s encompassing veil. A quill rushed to add stipple to the crosshatches marring her soul. Screams carried by the amihan tore at her roughed-in clothes but she kept moving; her direction was fixed. Her internal compass, now swung from darkness to light.

She yearned for the radiance from across that chasm of space. Mile after mile, she trekked following its light until the edge of the world halted her. She stood on that precipice, overlooking infinity’s spinning axis, her arms extended.

Veering south of hope, she followed the edge of the world east of yesterday towards the light that burned in the distance. Its rays played on the sketch of a soul in creation. Each experience added more details fleshing her in. Stepped off the edge, she set one foot on the starry expanse and flew west of tomorrow seeking completion.

Thanks to Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer for Word High July #FilipinoWords #Prompt.


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