Pahimakas/A Killer Wish


Pahimakas/A Killer Wish

The creator cried.

In that jeweled universe, gods fell to earth streaking like comets, bleeding their divine gifts, purging their immortality in the fire that consumed and changed them. They struck the earth as mortal men; their weak spines cracked in the impact. Their bodies broke like eggs on the hot sands and the wind blew as Mother Nature covered their shattered bodies in a fine blanket of silt. Her rough touch was the only love they felt as their life died out.

That was how the old gods died. For want of a woman’s warmth they wished, sending their thoughts out into the starry womb. They forgot the being who made all rested there watching all He’d created with tears in his eyes. As wishes ill-sent rebounded and the gods received what they had asked for.

Thank you @atheart62 for the perfect opening line. It begged for a story and I had five minutes to kill in between projects. Check out her tweets  or take a gander at the #JewelVerse for more beautiful lines.  Either way, you’re sure to be inspired.

Thanks to Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer for Word High July #FilipinoWords #Prompt.

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  1. It opens up the idea of a whole fantasy world and makes me wonder what else would happen in it. Great opening πŸ™‚

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