Hope’s Spire: A 46 Word Micro Story

The war was over. But no one told the pilot dive-bombing the crystal spire piercing heaven’s vault. Fire blossomed, shearing off the peak. I pressed my hands to the sundered symbol. Feeding power into its cracks, I fused hope’s pieces and secured a future peace.

For Yeah Write’s Micro Challenge.

28 thoughts on “Hope’s Spire: A 46 Word Micro Story

  1. Wow! I love a good fantasy piece. This was brilliant, Melinda! Did the healer sacrifice himself/herself to ensure a peaceful future?

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  2. Your descriptions and imagery, your word play, it’s so so so good Melinda. It’s rare to come across someone who knows their way around words like you do.

    My favorite: “…pilot dive-bombing the crystal spire piercing heaven’s vault.” The line just jumps off the screen and at the reader ❀

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