We arm wrestled for the fate of the world, the Adversary and I.

Volcanoes erupted. I sent rain to quench their fire.

The earth heaved throwing up mountains.

I sent glaciers to erode them.

People fled as we tussled.

I sent mages to shield them from the fallout.

The Adversary sent plagues to ravage them.

 Healing power, I gifted to generous hearts to share.

And when I’d finally laid the Adversary low, I stood chest heaving in the afternoon glow.

They came then, the people I’d fought to save.

And they snapped the world’s balance I’d spent eons creating.

I dropped to my knees weakened by the blow.

Chaos threatened. Its whispers had seduced them.

Thank you to @GHowellWhite1 for the prompt:

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