Crystal Death

It was so small a thing and yet inside it spun a light capable of destroying all life. Pulsing as it expanded, the World Killer spread its deadly illumination while I cowered in a corner. I felt around for something–anything–to break the glass and shatter its six perfect surfaces. My hands ran over rough stone sending pebbles skittering. Great, my only weapon against glittering death was a handful of rocks.

Hurtling them gave me something to do. As expected they disintegrated in the crystal’s expanding field. Purple rays scythed through the cave’s walls collapsing its ceiling as I crabbed into a side tunnel. Sunlight speared the gloom as dawn broke somewhere east of here where people lived ignorant of the coming apocalypse.

There had to be some way to disarm this thing. All magical constructs had a weakness. I just had to find this one’s before it destroyed us.

 For Week 82’s FFfAW Challenge

25 thoughts on “Crystal Death

  1. Wow, what a setup Melinda! I love the blend of suspense and humor. This character has all the chops of a main protagonist 😀 I especially loved this line: “Great, my only weapon against glittering death was a handful of rocks.” Made me chuckle ^_^

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