Ilium’s Bane

(Continues from Ilium’s Curse – a micro story saga)

Day 20

‘Tween the stars it slides, slingshotting around 
planets it careens–the leviathan.
In my cabin, I hear its scream resound.
Its eye gleams pulling our scattershot plan
into action, sending men to laser
its hide, while I reside abed too sick
to do more than watch the beast get tasered.
Was it a hallucinogenic flick
of my fevered mind or a lingering gift of the venom
kisses of my late reptilian captors?
Was I rescued by shadows, thrown benumb
into a metal velociraptor?
For the rescue does shred my sanity 
I perspire, lose rationality. 

I’m floating into a darkening world. 
I’ll find you Ilium, our fates are furled.

Day 21

A puff ball erupted from my sheets. It was all floppy ears and sandpapery tongue slathering my healing snake bites in a clear layer of protection. My fingers tangled in its fur. This mysterious beast dragged me free of the fever. I blinked at an unfamiliar cabin. Where had the prison’s snake pit gone?

Day 22

“Havoc? Come to me.” I patted my thigh and my trusty whatchamacallit bounded over tongue lolling.

My cloaked visitor bowed. “My eyes are gladdened by the change. You are recovering with great speed.”

“Thanks to this beast and your rescue, I’m mending.” I smiled at my new companion and Havoc jumped up onto my lap taking care where he set his paws. I was more bruise than whole flesh and still recovering. 

My rescuers had remained hidden behind layers of cloth leaving me to wonder who had come for me. Whose redemption had my life purchased and why?

Day 23

Havoc barked a warning; I struggled to wake.
Soundless shadows glided across the tiles
shine of metal whose thirst they’d come to slake

Sliding from bed I give combat a trial.

A shape drops from the ceiling and confronts
my would-be assassins greeting them with
laser fire and furious blows, the stunt
drops all my foes, my savior is a myth.

“Come my King, before more fools are drawn here,”
said the robot removing its black robes.
“Come King, your vengeance comes not on a bier.”
Its silver palm offered me a bright globe.

Was this hated Ilium’s location?
Could my rescuer hand me their nation? 

The hunt for Ilium continues. 

A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 20-23

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