Strong to Save

(Continues from Lively)

I touched the dagger, but my fingers failed
to penetrate, so I wrapped my fading
hand around its cold hilt and a voice hailed
me, offering a ticket for flying

first class to hell courtesy of the bard.
Compassionate death tried to punch my card.

I dropped the dagger. Since I’m non-corporeal, it continued to lay there glaring at me. Or rather something looked through the dagger’s gems at me. Nothing had prepared me for a weapon serving as a window for something else.

Fighting the urge to withdraw to a corner of the trunk, I stood my ground. I felt my gaze pulled again to the fell blade. This time, I saw a universe yawn and a reaper man kissing a skeletal girl. She slipped the dagger out of her pocket and into the chest of her costumed lover. Under the paint and eyeliner applied stitches, she was more of a creature feature than a damsel in demon-ridden distress.

Though there was something wicked stirring in her soul and it locked in its sights on me. Darkness gathered around the blade blackening it. I backed up, but my non-corporeal body failed to phase through the cruiser’s thin fiberglass shell. Outstanding, I was locked in a trunk with an unimaginable foe.

I put up my dukes. If this creature wanted a fight, I’d give it one. Red light drenched the car slamming to a halt. The sudden stop jarred the blade and dispersed the thing manifesting. But it would return, and when it did, I’d be ready to greet it.

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