(Continued from Dangerous)

Undoubtedly I would screw up the one 
task the afterlife asked of me because
no one told me the rules. So thanks a ton
for sending me out ill-prepared. What does
a little consideration go for these days?
I wager more than ignorance delays.

I had nothing: no murder weapon, no bad guy to pursue, no lead, no story and indeed no clue. There were millions of stories in the naked city, and I had to pick the elusive one. Doubt crept in. Had this story chosen me?

It felt like it had. One minute I’m tasting tears and then some weird ass spiral dropped out of the sky and collected me. Where did it drop me off? Right in the middle of a murder scene where I first stumbled onto this story. Coincidence? I doubted it as I walked along the street.

Checking the street sign would only help if I had a destination to reach. Lights strobed, and sirens blared knocking me out of the recrimination loop pounding my ego into the dirt. I stopped, my head on a swivel. Maybe I did have a destination, Detective No Name. The guy who had pulled his police-issued car over on a bridge to toss evidence into the drink after fleeing the scene of a demon-induced accident.

Now where might I find the shady detective? NY’s metropolitan police department was the size of a Midwestern town, and it had offices all over the five boroughs. Well, I had nothing but time on my hands. I sprinted toward the sirens. Maybe I could hitch a ride and start my search.

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