Curse Breaker: Enchanted is a Readers’ Favorite!

sarnbody_smallerpromoverysmallReview Rating: 5 stars!
Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

Curse Breaker: Enchanted by Melinda Kucsera is the first book in The Curse Breaker Saga, a captivating fantasy tale involving magic, secrets, and murder. Sarn is losing control of his magic and he may lose his sanity, too. In a world where enchanted trees commit murder and where nothing is what it seems, Sarn must regain control of his magic, unveil a dark secret, and stop an unnamed enemy from taking the life of his son. Whatever is lurking in the enchanted forest wants him and his magical powers, and it will do everything to stop him from finding the truth he is seeking. He is running against time and no one knows how long he can keep up before he becomes completely insane.

A story that starts with a man racing against time, when being late would mean his ultimate ruin, already creates interest and a sense of anticipation in the reader. Curse Breaker: Enchanted is a gripping story with monumental characters and a huge conflict. Melinda Kucsera takes the reader on a ride through fascinating landscapes, a beautiful setting with a life of its own, strange rules, and weird people and creatures. Her descriptive prose is seductive, capturing every detail of the story without hurting the pace in any way. I enjoyed the psychological depth of the conflict and the fact that the protagonist is often in a dilemma, torn between pursuing a mission and losing his son at the end, torn between his own will and a power that overshadows him. Readers will enjoy the intense action, the twists, the suspense, and ultimately, the satisfying finish. Great plot, great characters, great writing.”

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