Blog Takeover – Day 2

I can’t believe I am doing this. I’m the commander of the Rangers for God’s sake. But this little rascal, aka Ran, won’t stop pestering me. I don’t know what he thinks I can do. Technology is not something we have in Shayari. Magic yes, but the interwebs? No.

What we do have is an enchanted forest. For all I know, those hyperaware leaf-riddled giants created the interwebs so they could interact with each other in real-time. Ran’s shaking his head at my assumption. What does that boy know? Not much.

And no this isn’t a spoiler. You knew from the first moment you met Ran he couldn’t stay a secret forever. His situation was untenable, but Sarn was too much of a fool to figure that out and get help. I still can’t believe the Kid has a kid. It boggles my mind. And his son is driving me nuts.

Oh quit your frowning. I’m doing what you asked me to do. I can’t help it if this Amazon doesn’t accept any of the passwords I entered. Since Melinda created the account, she knows the password. Why don’t you ask her?

So what if she’s at work? She should be here noting down our adventures. The nerve of that woman.

How do you turn this dictation function off? Nobody wants to read a transcript of a one-sided conversation.

—Jerlo, commander of the Rangers at Mount Eredren, Shayari

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