Holiday Takeover

Hi all!

This is Ran, Son of Sarn, stopping by with permission! 🙂 I’m still reaching through a portal to interact with you, but this time by invitation! 🙂

Melinda thought it would be nice if all of us characters got together and wished you all a happy Thanksgiving AND mentioned one thing we’re each grateful for. So here’s mine:

I’m grateful for my family. I love my dad (and he loves me) AND my uncle Miren even though he annoys me. (He’s only ten years older than me. Weird dynamic, I know.) I’m also grateful for all of you who have read my takeover posts and bought Curse Breaker: Enchanted. Thank you! – Ran, Son of Sarn

My dad (Sarn) is working today because Jerlo never recognized a holiday with time off. He’s grateful for the same things as me, and he would say so if he weren’t laughing at his fellow Rangers attempts to wrangle a giant turkey. (They won’t let me help. They’re afraid I’ll get squashed. As if my dad would allow such a thing. *Shakes head in disapproval*)  – Ran, Son of Sarn

Okay kiddo, hands off the keyboard. Thank you. This is Tevra aka Ghost. I’m grateful to the blog hostesses Of OctPoWriMo and the November Notes Writing Challenge hosted by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer. *fist bump* Without these lovely ladies and their prompts, I might not have existed. So thank you all from the bottom of my noncorporeal heart.  – Tevra the Ghost and the cast of a story that has no name.

The Queen of All Trees thanks you for reading. She told me so through signs and portents. Okay, okay you caught me. She extended a silver branch and wrote out a thank you note. My dad’s still shaking his head over that one. — Ran, Son of Sarn (aka the laptop hog)

I refute what the little rascal said. I do give time off for good behavior. It’s not my problem his father never obeys an order without an argument. The Rangers are not a democracy and I’m grateful they’re not and for other things besides. – Jerlo, Commander of the Rangers for Mount Eredren

I’m thankful someone else is chasing this giant turkey. I still can’t believe a giant turkey showed up. Only in Shayari does this kind of thing happen. I guess I better get in there and help. C’mon Kid. – Nolo

When I catch this turkey, I’ll make mincemeat out of it! Damn it Kid, throw some magic at it. God gave you glowing peepers for a reason, use ’em! And will someone corral the little one? One Sarn is annoying enough. I don’t have time to rattle off list of things of I’m grateful for. Someone please sideline the child before he’s trampled.  – Gregori

I’m grateful the balcony offers a perfect view of the mayhem on the meadow. I should go down and catch my nephew, but my brother’s there, and he won’t let anything happen to the tyke. I’d rather sit here and enjoy front row seats to Mount Eredren’s first ever turkey chase. – Miren

Nope, I feel no obligation whatsoever to help at this point. The men have it under control, sort of. I’m grateful for good friends, good cooking and fine wine. You do have some of those cookies left, right? – Ranispara.

Of course, I always keep a secret stash on hand for emergencies and yes, holidays qualify. We’ll have some later with tea. Though, we may never eat if they don’t catch that thing. Are you sure we shouldn’t go down and help? They don’t appear to be making any progress. – Inari

I’m grateful my story will return in 2017. I have it right here in writing. Yes from the author, who else has the authority to make such promises? Kids today, they’re so impertinent. – Detective Pagasmo

I’m grateful for the same thing as the good detective. I’ve been languishing here for months. Does Istan forgive me? C’mon on already and write the end to my story! (And give the baby a name please! We’re tired of calling him ‘baby’) – Irene from Quest

Thank you to Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer for Word High July. Without their Word High July writing challenge, I and about twenty other characters would not have existed. – Dalisay

I too must thank the creator of a challenge,  A Month of Mini Writing Challenges hosted by Sammy Cox. – the King of Ilium

Thank you for visiting, reading blog posts, buying my book, leaving reviews on Amazon and plugging me and my work on social media. Your support means the world to me.  I wish all of you a happy, safe, Thanksgiving. – Melinda (aka the ‘Author’)

And that’s a wrap! There are more characters straining to reach through the portal and lay their greedy fingers upon these hallowed keys, but I won’t let them. 🙂 After all, Melinda appointed me as the official gatekeeper and notetaker for this outpouring of gratitude. And you haven’t met the hundreds upon hundreds who are currently mobbing me. Their stories are languishing on Mel’s writing cloud. So you’ll just have to wait until they make their novel debuts.

So long for now, there’s good food on the table, and my dad doesn’t know about the portal or any of this. Pinky swear right now you won’t tell him. Why doesn’t he know? Because his magic destabilizes the portal. It’s a curse breaker thing.

But wait! I’m his son, and I can use the portal. Does that mean I’m not a curse breaker? Wouldn’t you like to know. 😉 Well, you’ll have to wait and see.

From all of us characters (and our author) to all of you, have a happy Thanksgiving! If you’re not in the US or Shayari, walk in gratitude today.

❤ Ran, Son of Sarn (and more than a hundred of my not very fictional friends)