Blog Takeover – Book Giveaway Edition

Hello Readers!

We’re going a GoodReads Giveaway! Yay!  Click here to drop your information into a handy form and you could win a copy of Curse Breaker: Enchanted for FREE! Our friends at GoodReads will use their algorithmic magic to draw 8 lucky winners when the giveaway closes on 12/16. Once we receive your address (we assume 12/17 from the tiny print on GoodReads), we’ll jump through a portal and accost the first mail carrier we meet to hand off your bookAfter the author signs your copy of course. We are standing by envelope in hand! (We promise not to randomly appear out of the ether and hug you. We will contain our enthusiasm.)


This giveaway is just the prelude. We (our esteemed author Melinda and the cast of thousands making their home in her fantasy worlds) are gearing up for a colossal new year. Lots of new stories starring me and my curse breaking dad. (And some other lesser important humans.) 😉 Okay, okay there’s more of him than me in these wonderful stories since  I am a little kid and he’s sort of an adult. But they’re some magical adventures in store!

But we’ll talk about those later. Here’s a preview of what you can look forward to in 2017:


We’re keeping Melinda busy chronicling our lives for your entertainment. So make sure you don’t miss a thing. Let us know where to send Curse Breaker: Haunted when it comes out in a few months. No strings attached. Everyone who signs up will receive a link to download Curse Breaker: Haunted for FREE. We’ll also let you know when Curse Breaker: Hunted comes out and guess what? We’ll send Hunted for FREE too! When Hounded drops, we’ll give you advanced notice so you can pick it up for a steal!

We’re a generous bunch. 🙂

I hope you win a copy of Curse Breaker: Enchanted.Tell your friends! Get them signed up too! Share the free books!

Until next time Readers!

— Ran, Son of Sarn blogging for the author, Melinda Kucsera while she’s stuck at her day job.