Congrats, FREE Stuff & More Giveaways!

First off, congratulations to the winners of the GoodReads giveaway for Curse Breaker: Enchanted. Your books are in the mail and my friends at UPS claim you should receive your signed copy before Christmas. Again, congratulations to the winners! I have the tracking numbers and will be more than happy to provide them. Simply drop me a line through GoodReads, comment on this post or click HERE to contact me directly.

For those who didn’t win, click HERE to download the FIRST 12 CHAPTERS of Curse Breaker: Enchanted for FREE!

Or you could try your luck again. I’m giving away 21 copies of Curse Breaker: Enchanted (the ebook version) through Amazon. Click HERE to enter the giveaway!

If you prefer paperbacks, worry not. I am doing a special GoodReads giveaway in memory of my sister sometime in Jan or February. I’m still working out the details. To be notified of this giveaway and others, click HERE to drop your name and email in a convenient form.

‘Tis the season for giving. Share these gifts with your friends.


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