Angels (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

Merry Christmas

We wish you a belated Merry Christmas. Melinda (the author) forgot to charge her laptop. We’re not-so-fictional characters from a fantastic realm, and as such, we have no idea what electricity is or what those cords tangled on the floor do. We thought her laptop was a magical device, so we put it in the sun. Nothing happened.

Undaunted, we kept trying to power up her laptop until we heard her motorized coach heading this way. We retreated back to our own celebrations. After all, it was a holiday here too, and we had presents to give (and open).

So we wish you a belated Merry Christmas. What would a holiday post be without a present? And we have one for you. Download the first 12 chapters of Curse Breaker: Enchanted for FREE right now.

Happy reading and happy holidays!

Ran, son of Sarn, from Curse Breaker: Enchanted
(speaking for 100+ additional characters)

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