Author Interview- Adam Lynch

Father, Author, Blogger, Publisher

Today my Gentle Readers, I have another author to introduce you to. Adam Lynch is an author and musician I have recently met. In the style of my previous interviews, I will put my comments/questions in BLUE and Adam will be GREEN.

I always like to hear what brought someone to the literary world. What made you a reader?
I became a reader because I love learning new things. I love to be filled with new perspectives and have new insights. Wisdom and understanding in life is very important to me.

When you sit down with a book, what genre does it usually come from?
I read the bible mostly. But I enjoy Christian nonfiction as well. I also enjoy highly acclaimed self-help books such as Think and Grow Rich.

What inspired you to cross that line from reader to writer?
I wanted to bring my imagination to life…

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