Edge of madness

faithless destiny,
Fiery webs of foretelling,  
spun by the deft spinnerets
Of the Final Fate’s
Spidery daughter



Peel back her facade,
Reveal the city that molded her
And the depths of its pain.


Her face launched a thousand ships, his destroyed them all.

A clockwork Alice slings
Serrated playing cards
They slice & dice
A top hat falls
In its brim a card’s tucked
1/3 mad it says as she dons it

blindfolds hide his glowing eyes
he skulks thru shadows
Cloaked, cowled
always sought
Never found
Hidden from death’s sword

In the mirror his eyes glow
& his scars show
He bows his head
Hating his reflection
& the eyes drinking him in

Golden rays outlined a brief portrait in the dust until the shadows shifted, erasing the face emerging from the tile floor.


Light is the imperial head rolling away from the laurrel crown
Its burden lifted by the swift stroke of an executioner’s blade

Cavernous desire for power led to a desert
Desperate & tempted I searched
40 days & nights later, I clutched an infinity gem.

pitter patter
Spitter spat
Click, click, latch
A shot gun blast
Swish swish swish squeeze

Lick my sweet spot, watch me burn
Feel the heat as flames consume
In fire we writhe
Steaming from desire
No respite
From our pyre

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