Moonlight blades & falling stars

You aren’t your skin
You’re the force animating it,
the blazing intellect setting the world on fire.
Shine on.

When it seems like the end,
Reach out
take my hand
Stars may fall
But I’ll fly you home
Safe in my arms
Where dreams belong

#DSpoetry #btsbbmas

craving your hands
I search
Find no fingers to hold
No touch to soothe
No hand to grasp
Only a lonely road
Rising to the sky

Poets love in beauty
Crush in secret
Wrapped in nostalgia
For loves long past


I feel the undeniable urge
To stoke the fire
Watch it burn
While I braid moon beams
& dance to the tempo
Of your drum.
#5lines #madverse

W/a blade of moonlight
& an army @ my back
I conquer worlds
make stars fall
feed the galactic fire of war
#orjay #oceanofpoems #lunagemz

she ran into a sticky film
saran wrapping her
To a metal plate tipping
into the a chiller
Putting her on ice
For dinner.

A thrilling date
Led to an encounter
W/a meat cleaver.
She loved her meat raw
Too bad he didn’t appreciate
being the main course

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