Mad thoughts and fairies

Chilling on the porch with glitter to attract fairies.

Fragments of time drift in the Oort cloud
Pieces of the big bang
Icy records untouched by human hands
Eternally spinning

Inside out life twisted me
Rain kissed my innards
Soothing a heart broken
But still beating
Still fighting to set all to rights


Are they shooting stars or aliens zooming past in space-faring cars?
Ground-bound, we watch in awe.

She lies in an unmarked grave
clawing a way out
the shifting earth dampens
her screams 4 blood
Here resides the 1st revenant

Are you strong enough 2 fall
& hope life doesn’t dash you
on it’s rocks
Are you strong enough to break
If the quest requires it

A blush wine flushed her face
Her hips sashayed
Swooshing lace
she shed her veils
While a hushed crowd watched
Her belly gyrate.

avast me hearties cast off afore that blaggart Storm shivers me timbers. Raise the colors lads, we’re chasing treasure tonight.

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