Truth, gems and the American way

The truth fought to break free but he kept silent & his silence protected his son.
The More Epic V

When Life storms
You can rage against it
From inside
Or get out in it and live.
Life’s for the brave
Not the bench warmers

When enchanted trees lean, run, for the dark Lord cometh.

The More Epic V

He fingered the prayer beads
Each one was a separate promise 2 a broken child struggling 2 breathe

-CB3: Haunted coming soon

#haikuthrowdown #mdspoemaday4

Dust bit another
One–sent him six feet under
A blanket of earth

I catch rainbows
Digitize them into words
Stuff them between the pages
So long after they’ve faded
Their magic still remains.

We live a live woven with memories
Interconnected, we thrive
We hurt
We cry
When one has been sundered from our growing family.

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