The upstart witch vs the silent wolf of hell

Chocolate ices, sleeping in the sun, no thoughts of work just drifting as the clouds do.

Uninvited she was but not uninitiated.
Her red cloak fell outside the witches’ circle. 13 crones glared at the blond upstart.

She stood
transfixed by the feline familiar of the leader
agog & yet drawn 2 its power
she advanced hand extended 2 take its powr

Her hand sank into his sable fur palliating the pain. Youthful she might look but its just a spell. Old age gnaws on her bones.

But the cat had other plans. He wriggles out of her grasp, taking his power w/him. She Falls like ashes spiraling into the ground.

From ashes
her spirit rises
13 crones cackle & spin intoning her doom
She tumbles thru time
& musket fire towards a tricorn hell

Angels don’t know her name
So they let her fall
Past fomenters of injustice
Towards the devil she knows
His minions know her name

Every girl she bled to retain her youth is inked in the devil’s book
All her witchy crimes chronicled 4 all time damn her to hell


To the silent wolf of hell
she pled her case
enlisted his mistress in her fight
would the Bohemian Queen decide her fate?


She was a bespoke scent
a rose in the Aurora’s cold
now she’s a weed in hell
trodden on by the 13 witches she sought to fell.