Help us search, win books!

Thank you for volunteering to help us! Your first mission is to visit:

Grab our FREE book too while you’re there. It’s our way of thanking you for helping. Then come back here and unscramble the note our scribe’s captors left us. Use the clues hidden on the page you just visited:

“Three rules protected travelers through the  E_C_A_T_D   F_R_S_.”
“One boy’s murder ripped open a   G_T_W_Y for E_I_ to  E_T_R.”

Go to “where the  _O_E_T  failed to uphold its _U_E_.”

Each mission you complete earns you one entry in our giveaway.

What are we giving away?

A copy of our second book, Curse Breaker: Darkens. So post your answers in the comments here:

We’re standing by to act on your directions.

— The cast of the Curse Breaker Series