Bad Character

I’ve been a bad character. While my scribe was at work yesterday, I popped into an author group on Facebook and there was this post asking authors to “drop” a link to their newsletter sign-up page.

All the comments went something like this:
Hi there, sign up for my newsletter and get a free book. [Link]


So I had a little fun. Hey, my scribe left me unsupervised with internet access. I’m not responsible for my actions. Papa should have been watching me instead of going for a run in the windy cold.

So I posted this to liven things up:

You’re inviting a cast of fictional characters to invade your inbox? Really? If you’re sure about that, click the link below. If not, you might want to start running…now. Our dragon gets upset when email addresses escape from her clutches.

***The cast is not responsible for singed emails, melted devices or the occasional BBQ sauce stains. Neither is our beloved scribe. You should not mention this to her. She doesn’t know we recruited you to join our army, and we’d like to keep it that way. ***

I didn’t think any of the authors who were dropping their links would read my comment. And you have to admit they did ask for it.

I was wrong. Several authors commented and Facebook pinged my scribe so she knows what I’ve been doing!

At least, I was accurate about what you can expect when you join us. I should get bonus points for that, right? 

How’s your Tuesday treating you?

— Ran, son of Sarn, “Comment Jacker”