Tentacular Spectacle!

Hi Readers!

We’re really sorry we’ve been absent these last few days. The Fiverr designer sent us some proofs, and they made me so mad. I’m too embarrassed to show you. They also angered my scribe and she dove into 3d determined to make something better.

 I helped. I just want that on record. 😉 I suggested she do one of my fav scenes from Faceted, our third book and I might have drawn a stick figure diagram to get her moving in the right direction. So here, for your viewing pleasure is what we’ve been tinkering with.
This is a proof-of-concept, not a final cover. We wanted to show you what we’ve been up to and hear what you think of it. Bear is supposed to be a ghost, but we need to do another render or two to make that happen. Unfortunately, we’re still testing render times to get the best image. This one took 8 hours, and it had a lot of noise. But our awesome scribe brought it into photoshop and started playing with anyway. I might have egged her on.

Things we need to fix:
1. Bear should be a ghost, i.e., transparent

2. We’re not all looking at the same thing. So our eyes need some adjustments
3. We have no hair. It kept growing through our hoods, so when my scribe left her pc unattended to do some chores, I deleted our hair.
4. Please excuse our faces. We need an expensive add-on to fix those. So the cast agreed we’d a) pose all 5 covers, b) get them lit properly, c) figure out how to render them well, d) figure out what post-work needs to be done in photoshop and if our scribe can do it and THEN we’ll fix our faces. At that point, we should have narrowed down what faces we want. Papa has no opinion on that, so it falls to me and my scribe to find good stock images to form the base of our faces.
I also included a version without any effects (see below). The cast is divided over what effects to put. I want Papa’s magic amped up to 11, but our scribe thinks that maybe too much. There’s also some discussion about how Bear should look as a ghost, what else this image might need to get it cover-worthy. More bright colors?
This is still a proof-of-concept, but we welcome feedback!
– Ran, son of Sarn, posting WITH permission from my scribe! 🙂

(I’m dictating this post, and she’s typing it because I’m fictional, and my fictitious awesomeness sometimes crashes the magical PC. And we can’t have that, now can we?)