Blue light special, anyone?

Hi Readers,
We’re back with another version. Just look at our pose in this one and us, of course. Something happened to the lighting. We had a nice warm light off to the left but it’s not showing for some reason.
Maybe we accidentally turned it off?
We’re investigating.
So what do you think of my face and pose?
My foot and Papa’s aren’t touching even though they look like they are. We tried shifting me, but then we couldn’t get Papa’s arm where it needed to be, and I couldn’t reach the staff. I’m sure there’s a way to fix that. We just have to figure out which bone to move and in which direction.
Suggestions welcome!
We think Papa’s left leg should go back to its original position–when he was in a full crouch. With his knee touching the ground, he doesn’t look like he can get up fast enough to stop me.
I’m pretty swift for a little kid. 🙂 After all, my nickname is ‘Ran’ and I take running very seriously.
So what do you think? What do we need to change?