Who stole our button?

Hi Readers,

This week’s adventure will deploy on Tuesday morning instead of Monday because the Newsletter-Dragon stole our send button.

Maybe you’ve seen it lying about?

Our send button is a mystical object that gives us the power to communicate with you. What does it look like?

Well, it’s a rectangular prism that reflects our world, but it has this annoying habit of distorting our faces. I always look like I have chipmunk cheeks in it. The glow of Papa’s eyes frequently gets trapped inside that prism. I can happily spend hours watching those rays bounce around, seeking an escape. 🙂

On the button’s top, four words revolve in an elliptical orbit:

‘Engage the Engines of Fantasy!’

Yeah, our button is pretty special.

So, have you seen it around?

Did the Newsletter-Dragon happen to leave it in your corner of cyberspace?

If you see it, let us know! We’re rather fond of it.

Until tomorrow, dear readers, we’ll keep searching high and low for it. There are a couple of places, we haven’t yet checked.

Wish us luck! 😉

And whatever you do until we meet again, make it epic.


— Ran, son of Sarn, “Finder of lost buttons”




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