Green and Grainy, anyone?

We’re green!
We’re still grainy, but I hatched a daring plan to fix that. Full details on that adventure will be in this week’s newsletter in lieu of our regular shenanigans. Said newsletter will go out Monday even if I have to beat the pc up to get it out.
We’re very sorry this version is six days late. We had almost insurmountable computer issues. We only managed to get this one to work through a fluke in the system.
So, we’re green. Probably too green, well I am anyway. Papa might be okay green-wise.
I’m supposed to look something other than scared–excited determination was what we were shooting for, but not scared was the goal. Did we achieve that?
It might be hard to tell since this one is kind of grainy. But we have a plan to fix that. We won’t have that fixed for more than a week due to PC issues.
What do you think of my altered pose?
This looks to me more like how I am. And I think it looks a little more believable that Papa only needs one hand on the staff because I obviously can’t swing it. I just want my hands on it to help, you know? 😉
We may tone down the lights color-wise and remove the wall behind us so it seems like that tentacular thing is surrounding us, and we’re fighting it. But that will wait until after Labor Day when my plan comes to fruition. 🙂
So what do you think?