Oh, how we glow

Hi epic readers!
Are you ready for what we hope is pretty close to the final cover?
Because we are.
This is a final draft that we hope just needs a few tweaks. Amazon took over our previous printer (Createspace) so we had to download a new template to build our cover. That’s why everything is a bit left shifted. We used their guides, but we didn’t know it was off a bit until we cropped out just the front cover.
(We don’t yet have a back cover, but I think we’ll just use the background without Papa and I for that.) We’ll center everything before sending it to the printer. Don’t worry. We just wanted you to see what we’ve been working on.
Drum roll please?
Thank you Papa, and you too Uncle Miren.
So here it is.
–Ran, the glowing son of Sarn 😉