Cover Drama in Indie Author Land

Hi Readers,

We hope you’re all doing well this week. In the indie author world, there’s been some unfortunate drama which may affect some of your favorite authors.

Apparently, one of the more popular cover designers took the promotional images that are on’s site and used them WITHOUT permission to create covers for people. This is a strict no-no. Those promo images were created by brilliant artists to showcase the digital products they sell on Daz3d’s store.

They are not allowed to be reused without permission.

This designer should have bought the assets herself and created her own works with them. That’s what the shop on Daz3d is for.

Our scribe, Melinda, uses assets purchased from Daz3d, BUT she dresses, poses, lights and renders our digital doubles herself. So what’s she’s doing is okay since Daz content is licensed to her to make derivatives.

This is affecting a lot of authors, but not ours because Melinda has not commissioned many covers. She’s always been nervous about that.

Because I love to be helpful, I volunteered her rendering services should these affected authors need 3d imagery to replace the ones they have. (Melinda knows I did this. She is a little apprehensive about it, but she’s getting good at this 3d thing. So those nerves are unfounded.)

In other news, we just got a 3D Christmas tree! I’m trying to light it up for a special Christmas e-card we hope will be ready to send to you on 12/24. 🙂

Are any of your favorite authors caught up in this ?

–Ran, the ‘rendered’ son of Sarn 😉