Well, Go Ahead and Color Me

Hi Readers,

The other day, we asked about coloring pages because some authors were talking about making “coloring pages” for their books.

Our scribe, Melinda, was skeptical about this. But I loved the idea. I’m a little fictional kid though. Coloring anything is exciting. So I figured I’d ask what you thought about this.

We were pretty sure Melinda could do this. We just didn’t know if she should.

So I asked if coloring pages starring the cast is something you would like/want from us?

And you said yes.

So we unleashed our scribe on Photoshop and now we need to know how well we did.

Melinda turned our Christmas e-card and our New Years e-card into a coloring page.

Then, she found a mandala creator on her computer. I know nothing about that. Honest.

At my urging, she created two mandalas, and I packaged up all four coloring pages into a printable PDF thingy as our FREE gift to you and also, as a kind of tester to see what creating a coloring book might entail:


<< Click this link to download the coloring pages shown above >>

I have lots of ideas, but I want to know if you want us to expand Curse Breaker: The Coloring Book beyond the four pages we’ve already created. (You can download them by clicking the link above.)

So, I created this little poll. Please download the coloring pages and cast your ballot. I need help convincing my scribe! I even have an adventure in mind that we can include in the book

Don’t forget to let us know on social media or in the comments below how we did on our first attempt at a mini coloring book.

Then, go ahead and color me and Papa too. 🙂

–Ran, “the Coloring Page Star” and son of Sarn 🙂