Robin is Coming

New covers!
Our scribe bought this beauty this week for a steal!
This story is actually part of the Curse Breaker series. It stars a young papa, me (as the kidnapped baby), and Robin, a lady archer who’s also missing her daughter.
She and Papa team up to save us kids from the Wild Hunt.
Hunter’s Night will also be the first book in Robin’s breakaway series. Our scribe wanted to do a mother-daughter adventure series and riff on the whole Robin Hood thing.
I mean, we kind of have to do it.
We have an enchanted forest, archers, a Queen and a regent running a corrupt government in the city.
(And men in tights.)
How could we not take a zany, fantastic, magic-riddled shot at Robin Hood?
But this time, the damsels in danger don’t need saving. They are the danger, and they’ll be bringing it to the baddies.
Hunter’s Night is slated to publish in September as part of a boxed that does not have a name yet. It’s so secret, we’re supposed to avow all knowledge of it.
The acceptance letter actually blew up thirty seconds after our scribe read it.
I might fictional, but I’m not kidding.
–Ran, son of Sarn, “keeper of secret box sets” 😉