That Sneak!

Hi all,
Sorry, we’ve been so quiet.
First Love launches on Feb. 28, 2019, and it features the story of how Papa and Shade met. It’s a sweet tale because Papa was a sweet teenager and nothing like his angst-riddled, often adversarial younger brother, my Uncle Miren. 😉
(Don’t tell him I said he was angsty or adversarial.)
As part of the launch, there will be a Facebook party. Unfortunately, that party will be held while our scribe is at work. It’s review work there, and we’re camping out in her office to support her. She’s so worried about her performance review.
So our replies might be a little delayed. We don’t know which day or time slot our scribe’s performance review will fall on.
But our scribe put together a fun scavenger hunt. If you like puzzles and riddles, you’ll enjoy our party posts. Invite your friends to play along! We’ll be entertaining you from 11:30 am – 12 pm EST on release day, Feb. 28, 2019.
Get First Love:
Come to the Facebook party for First Love:
And don’t forget to check out this week’s adventure:
Shade snuck into *my* newsletter. But it was to support a nice story, so I’m not too upset. I just wish Shade had asked first instead of just sneaking in, but that’s Shade for you. *shakes head*
Have a great day!
–Ran, son of Sarn