Coming Soon: Curse Breaker’s Companion

Hi everyone,
We’ve been quietly working on some potential covers for the novelization of our newsletter adventures. Here’s your first look at them:
The first one is tentatively titled Catch the Scribe, and it will begin with an expanded scene from the end of Curse Breaker: Enchanted because that’s how it happened in real life then we’ll transition into our first-ever newsletter adventure wherein we escape from the book, Curse Breaker: Enchanted.
Of course, that adventure will be expanded and feature all-new scenes never before seen anywhere including our newsletter featuring Papa and I and our scribe. The Queen of All Trees might drop by because she can.
Since blue is our scribe’s favorite color, (her apartment is blue too), the lady in blue represents our scribe. (Melinda’s hair is much, much longer in real life, and she’s much shorter too. But you can only shrink the 3d models so much before things get wonky.)
When is Catch the Scribe coming? We’re shooting for sometime in March. Wish us luck!
–Ran, son of Sarn