Are there cats in our code?

Sorry we’ve been so silent. The cast might have gone a little crazy with Daz, and they might have overloaded our poor scribe’s super PC. And it might have started showing bizarre errors like ‘scratch disks are full.’
I didn’t know PCs had scratch disks. Now I want to know who’s using them. Digital cats? Are there cats hiding in our code? 0_o
(This is Ran, by the way, and I want to take this moment to say it wasn’t me! I’m a good boy, but you knew that.)
So our scribe is now trying to fix things. She’s not happy about that, but she shouldn’t leave her pc unattended. You never know what kind of characters will pop through the handy portal floating near it.
We need entertainment too.
Not me because I have Papa, and he’s a magnet for trouble. 🙂
I hope you’re all having a great week free of pc issues.
–Ran, son of Sarn (who’s not the culprit this time.)