I need your help

Obviously, you know I’m in a collection of 24 Fantasy/Sci Fi novels. Did you know this set has a good chance of making it on the USA Today Bestsellers list? Let me tell you a story.

Five years ago, my sister passed away. Before Carolyn died, she asked me to finish and publish the stories I’d been writing for years. Fast-forward to 2019.

An opportunity to become a part of the Rogue Skies Boxed Set came my way, and everything fell into place. The money to buy into the set showed up. A book I’d been working on for years suddenly fell into place, and so did its sequel, and it’s the best book I’ve written yet.

If Carolyn were alive today, I believe she’d want me and my author friends to become USA Today bestselling authors. Yes, USA Today is just a list. But you have NO IDEA what it means to me to be able to claim those letters.

When my sister died, I was lost in a very dark place. But I’ve rallied – thanks to the promise I made her, good friends, caring coworkers, helpful authors, and the small but amazing group of fans who’ve been there from the start. They motivated me to continue.

I’m not a successful author. I’m not even a mid-lister. Do I make money on my books? Yes, every month. I make a few bucks to feed my auidio book addiction. But I don’t make a living at it.

Earning my letters has ALWAYS been a huge goal. In the writing world, earning your letters is a bit like an athlete making it to the Olympics. It’s validation that your hard work has paid off. If you earn your letters JUST ONCE, you can claim them FOREVER. If I hit the USA Today Bestsellers list with this collection, I’ll always be a USA Today bestselling author.

No one can take that away from me.

If you love me or have fond memories of me, and you want to make an absolute difference in my life, then PLEASE buy this collection on every platform you can. It costs 99c. You could buy an Amazon copy, an iTunes copy, and a Barnes & Noble copy for less than what you would pay for a Starbucks latte.

Every single sale counts towards me and my friends making this list. EVERY ONE, and ESPECIALLY iTunes and Barnes & Noble.

If you buy a copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AND iTunes, I will give you a paperback copy of Hunter’s Night (my Rogue Skies book) absolutely free (after release) and signed with my undying gratitude.

Link to buy: https://books2read.com/rogueskies