Rogues Rule the Sky but Fantasy rules the earth

The skies might be rogue, but down below, warriors roam, fae princesses battle and shifters prowl. Of the 24 books in Rogue Skies, a limited edition science fiction & fantasy collection, there are four epic fantasy adventures full of intrigue, heroism and all the magical mayhem you love. Check them out, and let the adventure begin!

From Daughter of Shadows by Mirren Hogan:

Ataryn jerked her head away from Samis’ hand. “I’m fine,” she lied, knowing Samis would not believe a word. She was right. “Bah, you should be lying down!” Samis insisted. I should be flying, Ataryn thought, her mind chaotic. She wanted to scream herself raw or claw Samis with her fingernails until the sister bled. She had no idea where such aggression came from. It was so unlike her it was frightening. In the meantime, if they thought she was ill, she’d play along. She’d have to, the alternative was discovery.

” I enjoyed the epic fantasy feel of this story. It is one of my favorite types of fantasy. […] the heroine was well drawn [and] kept me turning the pages!” Jamie, an Amazon Reviewer

From Fire Glass by Missy De Graff:

When the Kingdom is in engulfed in flames, Fire Glass doesn’t burn.

The night of Princess Rhiannon’s official anointing, is also the night of the Grand Peace Talks between all the Elemental Fae Royal families. But the Dark Fae Lord has plans of his own. Coming out of hiding after 18 years, he decides to make an appearance and attack the Fire Fae castle with his signature blue flames.

If the Fire Fae can’t fight against the mystic flames of the Dark Lord, who can? What is the fate of the Royal Elemental Fae families, and will anyone survive?

This story was a great way to start a new series… I loved the flow, magic and the action…it kept me guessing…Cannot wait to see what happens next as this story set up a great adventure!” —Christy, an Amazon Reviewer

From Davina’s Quest by Rae Hendricks & Lianne Willowmoon

As I went to pull my hand away and walk back up the steps, the skeletal hand of the queen reached out, snatching my wrist so tightly there was no getting free. I pulled and pulled, trying to yank free only to see her other hand spring to life, coming towards me with a ring in hand, a large black gemstone in the center of it. I felt nothing good could come of it and screamed, echoing through the chamber as the dead woman slipped it on my finger.

And then, there was nothing but black.

“Rhiannon has quite the adventure thrust upon her. She’s supposed to be choosing a prince for a husband but is fighting the Dark Lord To save her people…What a fascinating story. The characters were so unique and full of life and the story was exciting and intriguing and I couldn’t stop reading it. I can’t wait for the next book!” —Elizabeth M., an Amazon Reviewer

From Hunter’s Night by Melinda Kucsera

“What do you want?” Robin gripped the knife hidden inside the makeshift pillow under her head. She’d managed to work her whole hand under there without drawing her captor’s notice. Unsheathing it would be risky, but she felt better with a weapon in hand even if she couldn’t use it just yet. Years of training and ingrained muscle memory should help her land at least one solid blow even in this dim lighting. All she needed was an opening. Come on, bitch, give me one.

“I think you know what I want.” Her visitor traced the tip of her knife along Robin’s throat. “I ride the longest night where no light but mine shines. Pay the toll or heads will roll.”

The rhyme struck a chord in Robin’s memory. So did the silver horns curving up from either side of her attacker’s heart-shaped face. This thing was part of the Wild Hunt—oh crap.

Robin stared at her long-necked captor who bore more than a passing resemblance to a deer except hinds didn’t usually have horns just stags did. Brown fur so fine it blended to look like human skin kept her exposed bits warm, and there was a generous portion of her curves so exposed to the elements. A riot of brown curls tumbled down the Huntress’ back, and a leather band kept those locks out of her eerie eyes. They were pale green mirrors reflecting Robin’s growing horror.

The Wild Hunt. Oh, God, anything but those monsters. Robin looked away, disconcerted by the promise of pain in those eyes. Her nightmare was just beginning. Before it ended, whose lives would it claim? Not my baby, please Mother of God, protect her.

Rosalie wasn’t crying anymore, and the silence inside the tent was becoming as oppressive as the shifting shadows sliding over the Huntress’ sleek fur. A tear slid down Robin’s cheek at the thought of her sweet daughter lying in the bassinet beside her pallet, and the Huntress grinned. Outside, the wind howled and pummeled the tent with invisible fists as it gusted past again. By some miracle, the tent stayed up despite the onslaught.

“What do you want?” Robin asked again because she needed an answer.

“Your life, your death, either will suffice.” The Huntress shrugged.

“This introduction of Robin is thrilling. (To be honest it’s my intro to Sarn as well, other than the newsletter story.) I became involved with most of the characters right away because of the excellent character development. World building is great too. This is classic fantasy at it’s best, with witches, mages, The Wild Hunt, Enchanted Forest, shifters and stolen babies. Can’t wait for Rogue Night!” —Wes, an Amazon Reviewer

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