A question for you, dear reader

Hi readers! The Scribe and I (Ran, Sarn’s son) are having a bit of a disagreement. So, I thought I’d ask you to break the deadlock.

The problem:
What to do with our newsletter adventures? I want to publish them after they’re edited of course, but my Scribe wants to rewrite them so they’re in the same pov as the rest of our books–something called close third person.

I said no. We don’t need to do that. These are my adventures. Who cares if they’re written in first person?
The Scribe said you, our readers might care.

Well, do you?
Who’s right?
Me or my Scribe?

Should she rewrite our newsletter adventures so they’re the same pov (third person) as our other books and fit seamlessly into our universe?

Or should they stay as is (first person) with some editing and maybe a few extra scenes.

Who doesn’t love extra mayhem for your buck?

Okay fine. The Scribe says I’m unfairly weighting this in my favor. She says either way there will be extra scenes because that’s how we roll.

So what say you?