Curse Breaker Enchanted is on YouTube!

Watch it now. The video was too long, so we had to separate part 1 and part 2 into separate videos. And it’s weird having them separated. They spent six years as one book.

But YouTube has rules and they don’t allow videos over 12 hours, so we had to break it into two.

What’s in the video?

I’d love to say there’s stunning visuals, but you’ll need to imagine them because we don’t have a good enough graphics card to render animations. (We’ve tried, but the program crashes. 🥺)

So you’ll just have the cover. But the audio is the full book, and you’re really here for that. Curse Breaker Enchanted is read by AIs from Google, but hey, it’s an audiobook, and we’ve wanted one forever.

Some day, we’ll have the money to produce a human-narrated audiobook, but until then, you have the AI one, and it’s pretty good if I may say so.

Who am I?

Well, I’m not the author. 😂 I’m Ran, Sarn’s son and the official promoter of the Curse Breaker series.

I hope you enjoy this production. Watch the first part now:

Then come back for part 2: