May our books always be a safe haven for you

Hi Readers,

I have good news about a certain boxed set! And I’ll explain the title of this post and why we’re wishing that for you in a moment. First, I need to gush for a minute and enjoy a moment in the sun.

Yes, the wait is over. Curse Breaker Books 7-9 is published! I have the store links to prove it:

Magic is forbidden in Sarn’s world — but he must use the power he once kept hidden to find and save his family in a dark and dangerous realm of enchanted forests and intrigue. Get Books 7-9 of this captivating epic fantasy adventure now!

I owe the stores who published the book earlier than expected a debt of gratitude for emailing the Scribe that Curse Breaker Books 7-9 published. Here’s where our publication story takes a strange turn.

Melinda left her office a few minutes late for her lunchtime walk on this past Tuesday because she was checking her email to see what sites our boxed set published on that day.

When we hit publish, we get a message on every store saying the book is in review, and it will publish within the next 72 hours. Thus commences the great refresh, where we, characters, refresh the store fronts every few minutes to see if our book is published yet.

(I once hit the F5 key so many times, I broke it. True story!)

Since Melinda has a day job, she can’t take part in our refresh madness, so she relies on emails the stores send to know when our book published.

None of us knew when we hit the bright shiny publish button on Monday night that those emails would save our Scribe’s life. (We finally got an email from Kindle Vella that they unpublished Curse Breaker Revealed, so we could release the boxed set that evening.)

Here’s where our story takes a dark turn none of us could have foreseen.

Those emails about our boxed set kept our Scribe in the lobby of building where she works for the few precious minutes it took for a violent crime to take place on the other side of the block where she works.

Why am I telling you about this?

Because our shaken Scribe posted on social media while in shock about the incident, and the post was public. This wasn’t something she’d expected to happen when she left for work that morning.

I don’t know who saw her posts and who didn’t, so I thought it best to get out in front of this and reassure you that she’s okay. I won’t go into detail about the crime because that’s not the point of this email, and the victim deserves some privacy. We are sending positive thoughts and prayers for their speedy recovery.

So what is the point of this email?

I just wanted to tell you the boxed set is out, and you can get your copy everywhere you buy books. But it feels wrong to promote it, even though the set saved our Scribe. All she saw was the aftermath since she walked by right after it happened, and that was jarring enough.

I reminded her that if she needs a safe place to for a while, the next Curse Breaker book is waiting in the writing queue (Curse Breaker Jousts). I even promised to behave.

This Ran, Sarn’s son and sidekick, and I kind of have no choice but to behave. If you think Papa will let me out of his site for any length of time after what happened in Curse Breaker Trapped or Curse Breaker Revealed, you’re mistaken. He’ll keep both eyes on me in our tenth book, Curse Breaker Jousts.

If you haven’t read either book, then pick up your copy of Curse Breaker Books 7-9 now. May our books always be a safe place for you filled with fictional friends and family when you need us.

Thank you for inviting me to into your inbox each week.

We’ll be back on Monday with our usual shenanigans.

I’m tempted to egg Robin on just so she’ll distract the Scribe with a story problem, but then she’d get more page time.

Will I do it? Find out on Monday when we return to your inbox.

–Ran, son of Sarn, writing on behalf of my Scribe, Melinda Kucsera