Discover the magic: Curse Breaker Enchanted is in SPFBO 9!


Welcome back! Boy, do I have news for you.

Who am I? Well I’ll get to that in a minute. I don’t want to spoil the mystery.

If you’ve been here before, then you probably already know who I am. But don’t tell anyone else just yet. You’ll see find out why in a moment.

I don’t know if it’s a good reason because I’m just a fictional character and I can’t judge such things. But it seemed like a good idea at the time, so I went with it as always.

I know you’re wondering what this mystery is, aside from my identity.

Well, our scribe did a thing this past week, and we’re proud of her.

What did she do?

Well, we found out that there’s things called awards and that books can win them. Imagine my surprise that such a thing exists. I thought only movies won awards, but I’m glad I’m wrong.

So we found out about this awards thing for self-publish fantasy books, and look at that! I star in a self-published fantasy book. What a coincidence, right?

So obviously we had to enter, but we needed our scribe to do the whole entering thing because they frown on fictional characters entering their books on their scribe’s behalf. I don’t know why though. Not every character has an outgoing scribe. We don’t. Ours is a freaking introvert.

We have to push her to do everything that isn’t writing our books. Don’t get me wrong. The writing part is very important because that’s how we get more books and more page time, and because I’m a fictional character, I only exist when you read my stories.

I hope some of you are reading my stories right now. I’m feeling a little thin and transparent these days.

If you recommend my books to your friends, family, neighbors, and even your enemies that might help. They might pick one up and give me the strength to get into more mayhem for your enjoyment.

But I’m getting off track. Back to the award thing.

I told my scribe about it and urged her to enter one of her books. Of course I was hoping she’d enter one of the books that I star in.

Melinda thought this over, and there might have been some begging behind the scenes to ensure that she made up her mind in the correct direction. If you’ve read any of my books, then you know my feelings about adults. They sometimes need help making the right decision, and I try to always be on hand to give that help.

So it will come as no surprise that she decided to enter Curse Breaker Enchanted into something called the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off or SPFBO 9.

And you know what?

Because I made her fill out the form to enter the contest while she was driving to work— yes, I know that was dangerous, but we only filled out the fields when we were stopped at traffic lights. If we waited until she arrived at her office, we’d have missed our chance because the contest closed before she got there.

Because we didn’t wait, Curse Breaker Enchanted was one of the 300 entrants that made the cut for SPFBO 9.

What does all this mean?

I don’t know. I hope it’ll help more people find the Curse Breaker series and read it.

To help with that, Curse Breaker Enchanted is free again to celebrate this. And that includes both the ebook and the digitally narrated audiobook for those, like our scribe, who can’t read on screen for long periods of time.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the story no matter how they like to consume books.

The paperback version is not free, but we’re working on a special hardcover edition of both Curse Breaker Enchanted and the three-book omnibus that includes it. So those are coming soon probably on around the end of September to coincide with Melinda’s late sister’s birthday. We tend to release a lot of things on or near that date.

So that’s something that happened this week. We hope to make it into the second round, but we’re up against some stiff competition. Even if we don’t make it, we’re just proud that our Scribe actually entered us into something and took a chance because she doesn’t do that sort of thing.

And by now you must have guessed that I’m the chatty son in the story, and you’re right. Hi, I’m Ran, Sarn’s son and sidekick in Curse Breaker Enchanted and all its sequels.

Speaking of sequels, by next Monday, our Scribe, Melinda, will write the last chapter for the 10th Curse Breaker book, Shards For His Gift. How’s that for exciting?

It will need to be edited though. Since it’s our second longest book in the series, that editing process could be longer than usual. We won’t know how big of a job that edit will be until she writes the last chapter and starts going through the manuscript.

I’ll keep you updated about the editing process. Once it’s edited, we can figure out a publication date and start the publishing process for it.

So for while yet, the only way to read Shards For His Gift is still on our Patreonor Kindle Vella. Every tier on Patreon can access it, and all the three other books Melinda wrote on there plus the next book (Rogue Rescue) in the writing queue. So there’s lots of stuff there. Plus, you’re supporting us and helping us get more books out to you.

Thank you so much! I’ll be back next week.

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