Curse Breaker | Pursued

Curse Breaker | Pursued Vaulting from boulder to boulder, he crossed the white-capped river mere feet from the falls themselves. On the far shore, he broke into a run and hit the maze the rich had dubbed the Lower Quarters. Though squalor, even one with such a genteel moniker, was still rankest poverty. Reeking of urine, rotting food, and unwashed bodies, the stink grew stronger as Sarn fled the river and headed towards the galleries where the indentured dwelt. His footfalls echoed despite his attempts to run silently down twisting tunnels. He hurried, breaking off just before he reached one of … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Pursued

Curse Breaker | Falling

Curse Breaker | Falling Sarn gave the forest one backwards glance just to confirm that neither Nolo nor any other Rangers had appeared. Trees stood by watching him, no doubt waiting for him to make a move. Was this all a cruel game to them? His hands curled into fists; he was no one’s pawn. Other than the wind rustling leaves high above, he heard shouts that grew more distant the longer he stood there. Let those shouts not be about him. Let Nolo find someone else to badger. Didn’t he need to report all this madness to his superior? … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Falling