Berry Wight

Berry Wight (Picks up where Winter Wights and the Battle of the Bells left off) The enchanted branches overhanging the battle of the bells, songs and wits, wept red drops that rolled into berries, hanging first in singles, then bunches watched by rapt crowds who squealed and charged into the forest intent on picking those magicked berries. Missionaries backed away, not God-blessed this miracle that made the crowd merry. “What the trees give, you take without complaint,” said one man stuffing berries in his pockets. Sarn nodded, piled berries without constraint on his cloak helped by Ran who rocketed ’bout picking fruit, smiling, humming … Continue reading Berry Wight

Winter Wights and the Battle of the Bells

Winter Wights (Picks up where Sleigh Ride left off) Over the hills they went, dashing through vales and around mountain’s feet into Shayari. They turned west to follow the star’s bright tail. Skating down the River Nirthal, a plea made them stop and Ran jumped out of the sleigh. Women with ivy in their braided hair, danced in a ring, weaving voices that pray into polyphonic bliss on the air. They broke ranks to tie ribbons on the boughs of the enchanted forest, each a prayer fluttering for someone lost that year, though still remembered by those death spared that year. “Momma,” Ran said and nothing … Continue reading Winter Wights and the Battle of the Bells