Contrivance – One Word Photo Challenge

Contrivance In chrome it gleams; at the bottom of pots, it waits. In my fridge it chills, though it still beckons. More insistent than dark chocolate, it baits me with visions of green valleys; dead-on in my sights, an Enchanted Forest spreads. Dragons ride the thermals and cats foretell, offering beach blanket fliers not bread, but bowls of soup to sup upon while spell Cat winds with words both old and kind of times when heroes rode, a Child of Magic strode and sword made whole when right healed the old crime which drove a line of men onto shame’s road. Reflected in glass on my appliance, is … Continue reading Contrivance – One Word Photo Challenge

Not my kitchen, not my pots, not my mess…

…nor my castle–what the hell happened here? I changed my skin to evade the Witch hence. (She’d never stoop to chase a house cat here.) And either I changed planes of existence on my romp-and-mice-stomp, or that witchy brat had a  trans-dimensional gewgaw. What’re the odds of getting to my duchy unharmed without chalk dust or hands to draw the spell circle that’ll cut reality a new hole that leads to my comfy chair? Just a hair’s breadth’s all I need to be free. Maybe my claws can scratch it out, repair the dislocation of my person and set me back home enthroned with my tea set. ~ ~ … Continue reading Not my kitchen, not my pots, not my mess…

Odd Trio, Cat’s Paw, Cat’s Vision and Cat’s Prophesy – A Four Sonnet Cycle

Pool (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

An Odd Trio

An odd trio they made, a cat, a bowl
of soup, a beach towel, thought Moon Runner.
Maybe that was the norm on this atoll.
This scrap of rocky beach was no stunner.
All volcanic glass that cut at his feet,
White-caps slamming aground with enough force
to shatter a boat if he’d had one to beat.
Made him wonder why he’d chosen this course.
The cat nudged the bowl of soup with its head.
Not a golden drop spilled on the towel.
An intelligent gleam from its eyes led
him to join the cat on the soft towel.
He lifted the proffered bowl, sipped the soup.
‘Round the island appeared a golden hoop.

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