Halloween Pumpkin faces blazing, death surrounded, their bright unbroken circle holding tight ‘gainst that specter’s might. Death’s skull face shrouded, his bones gleaming white on that hallowed night. Pumpkin faces blazing, windows alight, welcoming trick or treaters young and old, offering leave-stuffed frights and sweet delights on lawns where costumed scarecrows , their court hold. Death’s skeletal face leers from masks all night. Kids running with gleaming scythes, wear his face. Ghosts prance past plastic graves, their sheets a sight. Devils seek to win the great candy race. Another Halloween draws to a close Leaving all in a candy comatose. ~ ~ ~ Happy Halloween. Continue reading Halloween

A Treat for the Daily Post & Prompt Stomp

Treat To Trick or treat, that’s the question on this Halloween eve. Engage in Candy Crush, wait for your ghouls to scare up candy bliss as they go house to house in the trick-treat-rush. Ambush rival kids with silly strings and toilet papier-mâché. When the night grows late, the moon’s watch is broken. We stand in costumed lines, parade by candlelight in the shadowed dance of Samhain. Festive in our togs, we celebrate the dead, morn summer’s passing, call to winter’s restive chill which passes All Saint’s Day on the morn. All Hallows Eve is broken by sunlit saints marching in day called by holy writ. … Continue reading A Treat for the Daily Post & Prompt Stomp

Two Skeletons Embracing, Side by Side – Thursday Picture Prompt #34

Two Skeletons Embracing, Side by Side. Two skeletons embracing, side by side. Life’s not ending as it should, if those bones aren’t embracing in the earth. Side by side they rattle folks, remind us bags of bones, that death is stalking us with every breath. Two skeletons embracing on a bench, a photographer’s trick on cheating death? Perhaps a macabre scene meant to quench, our natural fear of what comes next, after death’s scythe falls and separates us from life. All Hallows Eve we play at ghosts, never thinking about our life ending, too rife with possibility, each day pushes death away, ’til one day back it rushes. … Continue reading Two Skeletons Embracing, Side by Side – Thursday Picture Prompt #34