A Treat for the Daily Post & Prompt Stomp



To Trick or treat, that’s the question on this
Halloween eve. Engage in Candy Crush,
wait for your ghouls to scare up candy bliss
as they go house to house in the trick-treat-rush.
Ambush rival kids with silly strings and
toilet papier-mâché. When the night
grows late, the moon’s watch is broken. We stand
in costumed lines, parade by candlelight
in the shadowed dance of Samhain. Festive
in our togs, we celebrate the dead, morn
summer’s passing, call to winter’s restive
chill which passes All Saint’s Day on the morn.
All Hallows Eve is broken by sunlit
saints marching in day called by holy writ.

 In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Treat” and this week’s Prompt Stomp’s: “Treat.”

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